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Mox Solutions develops cutting-edge software solutions for companies. Find out how we can help you…

Mox Solutions was born in 2006 and since then its primary goal is to offer “fast” solutions (hence the name “Mox”, which in Latin means “quick”) of high-quality software integration.

The proposed software solutions stand out in the field of business software for their high technological content thanks to the professional experience that the partners as a whole had gained in the sector.

The answer constantly sought by the Mox team is based on the concept of integrating the pre-existing software:

“Too often cusomers find themselves forced to change their organizational structures and the corresponding hardware and software infrastructures in order to accept the solutions proposed by the technology provider”.

The purpose and mission that Mox Solutions sets itself is to ensure the maintenance of the customer’s software and hardware business solutions, in order to accept the solutions proposed by the technology provider.

This mission is accomplished by providing the customer with all the advice from the Mox staff with clear indications of how much activity will have to be carried out to ensure the integration and optimization of pre-existing business processes.

In short, software integration, advanced and modern Web solutions based on portals, B2B services and App solutions on industrial palmtops and pocket-PCs are missions and solutions that the Mox team promotes and proposes.

Two companies, one soul


Temovo was born as a spin off of Mox in 2012 and dedicates the entire first year of activity to the development of SellMore, a revolutionary solution for iPad.

“Our reference market is the international one and we especially address to innovative and dynamic companies.”

Temovo looks at business from an international point of view and is mainly concerned with enabling companies to work in mobility.

The internally developed technology is based on Apple, Amazon and Google platforms, starting with apps developed for the iPad (iOS) and subsequenlty developing a great expertise on the Amazon AWS platform.

For Temovo, the main business focus is the development of apps for tablets and web portals for corporate use.

The move to focus its expertise and activities in this sector immediately proved to be successful, and Temovo gathered the preferences of several large companies looking for a salesforce automation solution on tablets. The strong technical expertise of the Temovo and Mox teams allows Temovo to win several software selectionsof multinational companies, bringing the distribution of the SellMore App to 56 different locations and countries. 

Temovo has developed two important vertical solutions, one for the automotive market and the other one for the management of promotions: both are immediately confronted with the major players on the market and thanks to their strong technological innovation, they manage to win the trust of very big international customers.

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