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sweden & martina
Sweden & Martina S.p.A. develops, manufactures and markets the most widely used implant systems in Italy and the root canal instrument system with the highest growth rate in the world. The company uses more than 30 workstations for the management of titanium production and processing.

The Factory production data detection system, via Mox Solutions touch devices, has guaranteed Sweden & Martina the management of consumption and the detection of production times at the very moment in which they occur, giving further efficiency to a production process of excellence for our corporate reality.

z-one concept

Panzeri Diffusion, the company responsible for the concept brand, was born in 1999 from an idea of Ivano Panzeri, founder and current president of the company.

Afew years after its foundation, the company established itself in the professional and hair fashion industry, conquering a considerable position in the Italian global market.

The meeting with Mox Solutions took place at a crucial moment in our development: the activation of the second warehouse. This is dedicated exclusively to exports and distributors, and the consequent conversion of the original warehouse into a hub for direct distribution to salons required a new organization of the management logics, which not only optimizes the activities, but is also able to follow the expected increase in movements and therefore modify the logics and processes during the run, if necessary. Stockforce convinced us for its versatility and because it combines a clear simplicity of use with the ability to manage complex situations.

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z-one concept

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