Our social commitment

For several years Mox Solutions has been contributing to the realization of socio-cultural and charity events with a particular focus on the enhancement of activities that can be “touched” and whose effects can be seen immediately. It is for this reason that, with our gaze turned towards technological innovation and always in the race for competition in the Information Technology market, every now and then we also stop to observe what is close to us, different realities from ours, but worthy of as much attention!

So we thought that gestures of solidarity can and should concern small and large events that have to do with our territory and the associations that work there every day.

With a view to promoting the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage, the protection of sports and health, we have allocated resources through projects carried out with the active collaboration of the Lions Club and the municipality of Castelfranco Veneto.

Among these, we mention:

Sponsor teams

December 2022

Even this year, in MOX Solutions we wanted to support the projects that have become part of our job and related to our territory, as Welfare Care, Benefit Association that deals with the promotion of breast cancer prevention by offering free mammographies thanks to a mobile clinic that visits the whole territory. MOX is then sponsor of some sports associations such as ASD NUOTO 2000THE TEAM ASD and THUNDERS & DRAGONS Softball and Baseball, and we support the cultural events organized by the Art Voice Academy. The most recent one is the Christmas concert “Art Voice Christmas Songs“.

Scroll the gallery to see our teams!

Sponsor team Metalco Dragons

September 2022

Sport teaches us how essential it is to develop and maintain a strong team spirit. Accepting a defeat and getting involved again, sharing a victory and aiming for continuous improvement: what matters are the people who work together to achieve a goal.

It is a thought that unites us to the realities of our territory, small and dynamic organizations that are for us to support as we have been doing for some time.

That’s why we are proud to support the Metalco Dragons Team of Castelfranco Veneto and share the result obtained laast weekend: the stay for the second consecutive year in Serie A alongside famous cities and teams such as Bologna, Parma, San Marino.

Let’s go Dragons! Another year of sporting and professional achievements awaits us!

sponsor dragons

Mox and WelfareCare united in breast cancer prevention


MOX Solutions, supporter of the WelfareCare project since its beginning, participated in the stage of Castello di Godego “Free Mammography and Ultrasound” as Main Partner..

Why did you choose to invest in these initiatives dedicated to prevention? 

“Prevention is the most effective tool for this type of pathology, so it is correct to speak of an “investment”. Being a company that operates in the technology sector, in our DNA there is an approach to the problem to be solved which is based on preventing the harmful event and immediately finding tools and solutions to anticipate events rather than running for cover once they have occurred. From this point of view, we have found “empathy” between our vision, our daily work and this commendable project in favor of women’s health”

From the interview with Daniel Pagnan – CEO of MOX Solutions


Welfare Care Project, for women’s health

since 2017

From “Eventi NordEst”, attached to Il Sole 24 Ore of 30th October 2017. MOX Solutions proudly participated in the Welfare Care project, for women’s health.

Prevention is Life: https://www.welfarecare.org/

“Prevention is Life” aims at: include the 40/49 age group in the offer of a free biennial mammography.


Radicchio d’oro Award

After the one-year stop due to the Covid emergency, the “Premio Radicchio d’Oro” is back, the prestigious award that celebrates on the most renowned excellences of Italian agri-food: the radicchio of Treviso.

The guest of the evening Marcell Jacobs, Olympian Champion in athletics in the 100 meters and in the 4×100 relay in Tokyo 2021, received the Radicchio d’Oro Award for Sports.

Among the other winenrs: the AIFA president (Italian Medicines Agency), Giorgio Palù for the culture/medical sciences section, Claudio Cecchetto (entertainment), Roby Facchinetti (culture/entertainment), Magazine Italia 1 Mag (food and wine/journalism), the chefs Fabio Pompanin and Graziano Prest (food and wine), Paolo Bruni (Italian fruit and vegetables), Renato Casaro (culture/art).


Event: how to prevent and recognize forms of bullying


MOX sponsor incontro bullismo

Castellana Rugby sports season

Sponsor 2016/2017

The Catellana Rugby club was founded in 1981 with the aim of spreading the sport of rugby in the Castellana area. The principle has been that of involving members in recreational activities, but above all in the interpretation of sport as a training principle: “the field, the game, being together as a training ground for the person”.

Track hockey sports season in Breganze (VI)

Sponsor 2016/2017

Breganze hockey, now a distinctive part of its town for the following and attention, has been able to enhance this sport in all its aspects by dedicating itself also to the women’s sector, winning several times even in the last two years (5 championships and 3 Italian cups in total for the girls in red and black).

“Viviamo Borgo Pieve”

June 2016

A particularly significant event for us, in the town of our previous headquarter: Borgo Pieve, in Castelfranco Veneto. In December 2015, the Viviamo Borgo Pieve Association was formed, which brings together residents and merchants of the historic district of Castelfranco Veneto. The association aims at promoting the cultural, commercial and urban development of Borgo Pieve.

The event we supported was held on 17-18-19th June 2016, created to restore the prestige the town deserves and make it rediscover it, even outside of Castelfranco Veneto. Three days of celebration, culture and music, with artists, markets and a very present community.

Summer concerts in Castelfranco Veneto

Since 2015

La Traviata: the support given to the Amici della Musica of Castelfranco Veneto continues also in 2015. Maestro Maffeo Scarpis gives us this magnificent event in the city of Castelfranco Veneto, bringing opera back in a community that rediscovers its vocation through participation and interest to this noble art. A further contribution from Mox Solutions for this event held at the A. Stefani conservatory in Castelfranco.

“Magic nights – Music, art, entertainment under the city walls”: SUMEMR CONCERT 2017: 18/07/2017 h. 21.00 at Arena estiva Teatro Accademico

Orchestra Città di Ferrara conducted by Maffeo Scarpis, by Classica Castelfranco. Music by G. Rossini, W. A. Mozart, L. v. Beethoven.

New Year’s Eve and Epiphany Concerts

since 2014

Since 2014 we have been giving our support to various cultural events to promote theater and local artists. We wanted to bring together leisure and rediscovery of orchestral music by supporting and participating in the Summer Concert, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany masterfully directed by Maestro Maffeo Scarpis at the academic theater of Castelfranco Veneto. 

We carry out this social commitment with the same enthusiasm we have in carrying our work, inspired by the same values and principles.

Folli Folletti e Follie di Natale


“Folli Folletti e Follie di Natale” is an event sponsored by the municipality of Castelfranco Veneto, a day entirely dedicated to solidarity.

All the proceeds are donated to the health center on the island of Nosy Be (Madagascar), the center for undernourished children in San Carlos (Bolivia) and the center for the rehabilitation of children with disabilites. 

Video City of Castelfranco Veneto


A video dedicated to our city, images of everyday life, people and emotions, history and art…small scenarios that give great value to our territory.

“What we will now see, promoted by the Lions Club of Castelfranco Veneto, gas the physical appearance of a video, but in reality we wanted it as a sequence of glimpses into the true and profound soul and character of our city. (…)” – Giacinto Cecchetto, Teatro Accademico, 1st July 2014

Watch the video.

No trick, no deception: Champions


The Lions Club organized a day dedicated to sport with the aim of analyzing the problems associated with the use of drugs in sports.

An opportunity to celebrate the passion for sport and analyze a sensitive issue by listening to the testimony of great sportsmen. The proceeds are donated to charity for the measles vaccination campaign.

Castellana Rugby sports season


During 2013 we supported the amateur sports association Castellana Rugby.



Event: Tribute to Ennio Morricone


The Filarmonia Veneta  regional orchestra offers us a review of the famous soundtracks of the great Italian Maestro Ennio Morricone, a concert accompanied by the projection of scenes from some films that his music has contributed to making true masterpieces.


First competition “Oggi in Veneto” –  Nina Scapinello Award


The Guido Negri amateur drama company, with the collaboration of the Lions Club, the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto and the Italian Amateur Theater Federation, has promoted a competition-prize dedicated to the castellan playwright Nina Scapinello. The announcement concerned the elaboration of an unpublished theatrical text in the Venetian language; the competition had the objective of promoting interest in the forms of writing in the regional language and encouraging the dissemination of theater codes also among the new generations and with the new media, actively involving Venetians around the world as well. Visit the website.