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ShowK CPQ. Customize the way you buy.

ShowK CPQ is a complete tool destined to customers, sales network, agents, partners/suppliers, sales team, to create offers and quotes fast and without errors, as well as to generate orders ready for production.

ShowK CPQ can be integrated into any pre-existing site or it can live in autonomy inside ShowK Ecommerce and offline in SellMore.

CPQ Software

Characteristics and Advantages

The guided sales process supports the customer in every choice, so as to always find the best solution possible to his needs.

Speeds up the decision-making process, offering real-time product configuration based on the chosen characteristcs.

Eliminates handoff errors that may happen between sales and engineering teams.

Produces FAST, accurate and high quality commercial offers down to the bill of materials (BOM).


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ShowK CPQ Characteristics


Configuratore Realtime

Realtime: constraints control, price, producibility, availability while configuring.

From quotation to production

example of configuration

Management of complex configurations with the generation of bill and production cycles.

Graphic configurator

Configuratore grafico

Types of configurators

Configurator by characteristics

Even the most complex products can be easily configured. ShowK CPQ allows you to define environment, performance, applicative characteristics as well as ask yourself some simple questions.

configuration of a bike

ShowK CPQ manages the relationships between features and components during the configuration.

Industries of interest: furniture, jewelry, gadgets, industrial equipment, aerospatial, chemical, textile, food&beverage.

2D graphic configurator

Configurator by characteristics


There are products that need to be seen and contextualized. ShowK CPQ 2D renderer visually represents the result of the configuration by immersing the product in its environment.

ShowK CPQ guarantees compliance with the constraints and recalculation of the price and availability times for the customer in every choice.

example of 2d context configurator

Industries of interest: furniture, jewelry, gadgets, industrial equipment, textile

3D & AR graphic configurator


If 2D is not enough, ShowK CPQ presents your product in 3D and in Augmented Reality (AR).

ShowK CPQ Rendering synchronizes the choices made in the configuration with the 3D model, respecting constraints, recalculating the price and checking availability times for the customer.

configuratore colore sedia
Configuratore grafico 3D & AR

Industries of interest: furniture, automotive, aerospatial, jewelry, gadgets, industrial equipment

BOM configurator


ShowK CPQ allows users to generate groups of products (Bill Of Material) with different degrees of constraints.

This approach is useful when creating gift packages and other product kits that can be sold as a single piece.

ShowK CPQ allows users to generate BOM with the control of prices, margins, production and shipping costs. It also manages approval/modification flows in the case of customization requests from the customer.

example of bom configuration

Industries of interest: food&beverage, gadgets, telecommunications, chemical

Configuratore Spare parts
ShowK CQP Spare parts

Spare parts Configurator

ShowK CPQ Spare Parts manages spare parts tables of products. It manages multiple versions, constraints related to product availability and prices for different customers and markets.

Industries of interest: industrial equipment, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace

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Selezione food Il Paniere Serafini

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ShowK CPQ provides a back office area where you can create configurations, rules and constraints.

Content creation is simple and intuitive. Multiple versions, validity dates, cloning, sandboxes, allow you to test a configuration before launching it on the market.

Selezione food Il Paniere Serafini
Selezione food Il Paniere Serafini


ShowK CPQ can be integrated into any external source. The integration concerns data synchronization, components, Bill of Materials, cycles, legacy configuration rules, pricing, ATP information.

Integrations already available are with:

  • Microsoft Navision, AX, Business Central
  • Sage X3
  • JD Edwards
  • BAAN
  • Panthera
  • TeamSystem