Team and Partners

People, our value.

Out team is composed of smart people who want to create. Creativity and passion are the strenght of each one of us, they are what defines us and drive us.

Mox Solutions is a young company that acts with passion. We are all IT enthisiasts, some of us with years of experience managing IT projects at and for companies.

We want to be the best, worldwide. If you recognize yourself in these goals, come and create with us!

We’re hiring

We are looking for developers, analysts, project managers to join our organization which preferes a non-rigid but dynamic structure depending on the operating context, always collaborative and with a strong propensity for teamwork.

From a functional point of view, the activities can range over the following areas::
– software programming;
– project management for customized and/or standard projects;
– management of delivery services to customers.

From the point of view of technical skills, the following knowledge is a preferential qualification:

  • Angular 1.0, 2.0, NodeJS and JavaScript in general;
  • .NET (c# or;
  • Apple’s iOS/x-Code;
  • relational db with specific reference to SQL Server, PostGres, MySQL, SqlLite;
  • management of company processes in the fields of warehouse logistics, production, sales processes.

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Our Partners

MOX has always promoted collaboration with other specialized companies in order to create strong partnerships and provide its customers with highly technological solutions, using the best know-how on the market.

Thanks to this, MOX can provide its customers with 360° services ranging from hardware supply to system consultancy, up to the integration of various information systems.

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