z.one concept

Panzeri Diffusion, the company leading the z.one concept brand, was born in 1999 from an idea of ​​Ivano Panzeri, founder and current president of the company.

A few years after its foundation, the company established itself in the professional and hair fashion industry, conquering a considerable position in the Italian and global market. Maximum research into quality and innovation, combined with creativity and attention to the latest trends in all areas of fashion, are the distinctive lines of a brand that accompanies quality products with all the support necessary for the salon, to offer innovative services and offer tailor-made products and advice for each client.
Since 2012 the company has experienced a process of exponential growth, linked above all to its internationalization (the brand is in fact distributed in 53 countries worldwide): precisely, the progressive development of the logistics function with STOCKFORCE at the service of commercial and distribution activities has been one of the factors that allowed and supported the company’s growth.

The meeting with z.one concept took place in 2017, the year in which the company had undertaken a complex project of development and computerization of logistics-distribution processes, with the aim of supporting the hectic corporate growth and its progressive internationalization.

In this phase of growth, the problems coming from the poor integration between management and logistics software and the need to manage automatisms that would optimize and make operations more fluid began to emerge.
At the same time, the activation of the second warehouse, dedicated exclusively to exports and distributors, and the consequent conversion of the original warehouse into a hub for direct distribution to the salons, required a new organization of management logics which would not only optimize activities but that was able to follow the expected increase in movements and therefore to modify logics and processes on the go, if necessary.

With STOCKFORCE, natively integrated with the Gamma Enterprise management system, we were able to meet those needs. Today, the solution coordinates the entire inbound and outbound logistics process, constantly communicating with the z.one concept ERP and transferring the missions and information to the warehouse staff via the RF terminal.

Panzeri Diffusion manages two types of distribution flows: those intended for professional salons, which frequently issue small quantities of various types of products, and those intended for importers and distributors, according to a more distant scheduling but involving large quantities of product.

In the first case, the speed of the pick and pack process of the single boxes of products intended for hairdressers in a short time is essential, as is the correct organization of the paths of the active operators among the shelves.

In the second, the greatest challenge concerns the exact planning of shipments to ensure that large quantities of material arrive at their destination at the established time. STOCKFORCE, thanks to the PLAN module, is able to perform an analysis of the fulfillment of the customer order portfolio, assigning the lots to the different deliveries according to defined rules. The system also reacts in real time to any priority changes made by the sales office and automatically sends alerts in case of critical issues.

To date, there are a total of 35 actions visible from the PDA and transmitted to the operators according to their role and the level of qualification of each one. The absence in STOCKFORCE of a rigid pre-setting of the operations to be carried out, replaced by the concept of generic action, configurable according to the customer’s needs, has certainly made the configuration of the processes and their evolution easier.

We have also developed a project for the serialization of the single bottle for best sellers, i.e. its identification by serial number. In this way, the product is identified in its uniqueness along the entire distribution chain up to the final customer, guaranteeing complete traceability of the products.

In June 2020, z.one concept integrated our forecasting module on suppliers orders to logistics, through which they can associate the behavior of previous sales of now obsolete products with the new products introduced by the company’s marketing and which will therefore follow the same business logic. The goal is to arrive at an increasingly accurate planning of supplies in a context characterized by a product portfolio with a very short life cycle and in continuous renewal.

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